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Are you planning to purchase a house near the Bohol New Airport?

A lot of Developer and Realtor now showing you a subdivision housing development near the Bohol New Airport in Panglao, the first impression could leave you feeling either your ready to take the flight. Some prospect clients consider the accessibilty to the airport and others avoids unders the flight path. 3 tips to consider buying a house near in Bohol New Airport: 1. Time Duration in Traveling If you’re a frequent flier,a home near the airport is advantages because it will reduce the time it takes to get to and from your destinations. Airports connected to public transportation lines, which can make your travels easier as well. 2. Consider noise tolerance. If the home you're thinking of buying is near the airport but not in the flight path, its location could add to its value. If the property is under a flight path, evaluate how low planes fly during peak flight times and at night. If the home was constructed with quality soundproofing or if you are able to turn a deaf ear to the rumble of arriving and departing planes, then the noise won’t be a negative. If you're sensitive to the sounds, then you might be better off passing on being an airport neighbor. 3. Investigate property developments. As with all homes, location matters. Do your best to research in the Municipal of Panglao for their upcoming developments. Being close to business and retail developments can increase property value. But a home very close to the physical border of the airport might decrease in value should the airport decide to expand or add additional runways that create new flight paths. Whether you are evaluating a home with airport proximity for your permanent residence or an investment in which you will have potential tenants, these three factors will affect personal satisfaction. take time to wait things before you invest.

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